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The Society of The Golden Keys Charity Golf Day Tees Off in Style

The annual Charity Golf Day was held at The Grove Hotel on Tuesday 29th August.

Team Where Magazine: Ronnie McDowell, Rob Way, Conor McDowell, and Tom Wardley. Alongside Nicky Woodford from Long Drive and President Toru Machida.

As well as raising as many funds as possible in aid of Hospitality Action, the annual golf day also allowed the guests to spend some quality time with their fellow Concierge and business affiliates, networking and having fun.

Who came out top of the tees?

Although networking was the order of the day, the guests never lost sight of the fact this was a hotly-contested competition. In a tight field, Team WHERE Magazine edged the crowd to win.

Team Winners

Team WHERE Magazine: Rob Way, Tom Wardley, Conor McDowell, Ronnie McDowell (82 Points).

Individual Winner - Concierge

Alex Collins (34 Points).

Individual Winner - Business Affiliate

Darren Winter, Air Courier International (40 Points).

Nearest to the Pin

Conor McDowell.

Longest Drive

Ross Butler, Rare Restaurants.

Golf Clinic Straightest Drive

Natalie Browne, Sophie's Steakhouse and Bar.

Golf Clinic Longest Putt

Jorge Alvarez Chica

About Hospitality Action

This event was established with charity in mind, the idea is to raise funds for the society's preferred charity Hospitality Action.

Listed below are some examples of the help your registration fees have provided to employees in the Hospitality sector; Hotels just like our members.

Bullying & Harassment at Work – coaching to help individuals cope and start to tackle the issue, mediation, whistleblowing (to raise issues in a confidential way).

Redundancy – specialist money & debt advice, coaching/counselling to help come to terms with situation. Grants programme if required and criteria are met.

Low Mood & Depression – counselling & other support if specific issues caused the depression.

Money Pressures – specialist debt & money advice, grants programme if required and criteria are met.

Alcohol, drug, gambling and other addictive behaviours - we can provide specialist addiction support.

With thanks to Nicky Woodford, Director at Long Drive, at


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