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Concierge Enjoy The Art of Banksy

Concierge and their guests enjoyed a special Concierge Showcase of The Art of Banksy exhibition in Regent Street.

Incorporating original and authenticated Banksy artworks, The Art of Banksy is a smash-hit exhibition which has brought the artist's era-defining works to more than 1.5 million visitors in 15 cities across the globe.

The special guests were able to view the world's largest collection of original and authenticated Banksy artworks, showcasing more than 150 pieces, including prints, unique works and ephemera, many of which are on public display for the very first time.

As well as a preview of this exhibition, guests enjoyed food and drink, as well as the chance to enter into an exciting Business Card Draw, in which an exclusive pair of shoes, decorated with Banksy graphics, was won by Zibi Kedziora, Concierge at The Savoy.

Concierge and guests learn more about The Art of Banksy

Kiosk Bar at Jack Solomons

Concierge and their companions enjoyed pre-drinks and nibbles at the brand-new Kiosk Bar at Jack Solomons. Inspired by the illustrious legacy of one of history’s greatest boxing promoters, Jack Solomons Club proudly pays homage to its namesake and his iconic boxing gym, once nestled in the very heart of Soho at 41 Great Windmill Street.

At the Kiosk bar you'll find luxurious furnishings and plenty of atmosphere.

The Wit of Banksy

For this first time, close associates of the artist share personal stories, giving an insight into some of the world’s most famous images, engrossing background on how those headline-grabbing street art stunts were devised and how, with their irreverent wit and a biting political edge, this visionary took the art world by storm without ever revealing their identity.

One of the pieces of Banksy artwork on display.

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