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The Society of the Golden Keys Concierge Awards 2023

This prestigious event will be the 16th year that the travel and tourism industry celebrates the excellence of the Golden Keys Concierges of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

The Society of the Golden Keys of Great Britain (Les Clefs d’Or Great Britain), will be co-hosting the 16th Annual Concierge of the Year Awards along with The Tourism Media Group, at The Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel on Monday 16th October.

The event will take place within the glamorous Ballroom from 7pm; with the actual ceremony taking place at 7.45pm.

There will be six awards this year, including:

  • London Concierge of the Year Award

  • Regional Concierge of the Year Award

  • Service Through Friendship Award

  • Young Concierge of the Year Award

  • Business Affiliate of the Year Award

And new for 2023…

  • Concierge Choice - Restaurant of the Year Award. This new award will be given to a restaurant that has provided exceptional support to Concierge when it comes to both finding tables and offering extra special attention to their hotel guests.

THE INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY, a global leader in promoting hospitality education, training, and professional development, is joining forces with The Society of the Golden Keys Great Britain and the Commonwealth at this year’s awards.

The winner of London Concierge of the Year will be awarded a one-year membership of the Institute of Hospitality, providing the lucky recipient with access to a comprehensive array of educational resources, networking events, workshops, and industry insights.

TORU MACHIDA, PRESIDENT, THE SOCIETY OF THE GOLDEN KEYS OF GREAT BRITAIN: “I am thrilled to announce that the Institute of Hospitality and The Society of the Golden Keys are forming a partnership to bring together these two key organisations in the hospitality industry for the first time. This collaboration aims to enhance professional development, networking, and excellence within the hospitality industry. Our members are dedicated to providing unparalleled service experiences to our guests, and this partnership will be the beginning of a deepening commitment to excellence. I would like to thank Chief Executive of the Institute of Hospitality, Robert Richardson FIH MI, for giving us an exciting journey ahead.”

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