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Order! Order! Here! Here! The Palace of Westminster Awaits

This summer, UK Parliament is running their popular tours of the Palace of Westminster - one of the world's most recognisable landmarks. 


These tours offer visitors the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes at the home of UK Parliament and experience the awe and wonder of hundreds of years of fascinating history.  

There are morning and afternoon tours running throughout July to September with two tour options. 


Guided Tour

The guided tour is led by an expert guide who works at UK Parliament. They'll share their first-hand knowledge of what happens at UK Parliament today, and a few lesser-known facts about the history and heritage of the Palace. For those interested in politics, art, history, and architecture, there will be time for questions along the way... and these guides know their stuff!  


Self Guided Audio Tour

Visitors who prefer to go at their own pace can choose a self-guided audio tour. It includes a multimedia device with a choice of 10 languages including English, British Sign Language, Welsh, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese. The audio and visual content will guide visitors along the route and has some fascinating facts about the iconic rooms and magnificent artworks that visitors will see.  

Tour Highlights 

Both tours take around 90 minutes and include:   

  • The oldest building on the Parliamentary Estate, Westminster Hall.  

  • Central Lobby, designed as a meeting place for Members of both Houses.  

  • The House of Commons Chamber with its famous green benches.  

  • The House of Lords Chamber, the most ornately decorated room in the Palace of Westminster. 


After the tour, visitors can take a break and enjoy refreshments in the Jubilee Café situated just off Westminster Hall. They will take in the charming ambiance of the converted stable block café whilst enjoying an array of delights including the renowned Jubilee Cream Tea.  

Just next to the café is the Jubilee Shop which has a range of truly unique gifts and souvenirs inspired by the Palace of Westminster. There’s something for all ages too.  

A visit to UK Parliament is great for families, groups, and solo travelers, both local and international. It is also accessible for visitors with disabilities and other access needs. Contact for help with planning a visit. 


Ticketing and Availability 

Tours run most weekdays and Saturdays during parliamentary recesses, and Saturdays only when Parliament is sitting.  

Find Out More & Book a Tour Here


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