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Order Iconic Black Cabs via Gett for Your Guests and Earn Rewards!

Gett - the leading black taxi app - is offering a new service, designed to help guest service and Concierge teams at London’s top hotels and venues enhance their visitors' stays.

Peace of Mind

In just a few taps, without having to leave the hotel or venue, front of house teams can order an iconic black cab for their guests with pick-up times in less than 4 minutes (in central London).

Guests experience the comfort, quality and reliability of black cabs and pay directly to the driver. Journeys are tracked door-to-door with TfL licensed drivers, giving you and your business peace of mind.

New Rewards Scheme

This summer, Gett is introducing a welcome offer for new partners, who will be rewarded when using their taxi service.

New partners will receive: £25 retail voucher when you hit 50 rides for the month, and a further 50p added to your reward for additional rides within the same month.

About Gett
  • Of the 17,000 licensed black cab drivers in London and suburbs, 75% are on the Gett platform.

  • All Gett drivers are fully licensed, with an average rating of 4.8/5 stars.

  • All black cab drivers go through rigorous TfL checks and spend over three years studying for their license.

  • Black cabs can use bus lanes meaning quicker pick up and drop off for riders.

Click here to find out more/sign up to Gett.


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