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Ask A Concierge

This month, we talk to Jeffrey Querido, Concierge at Pan Pacific London.

How can you see London in a day? 

Open top buses are a great way to discover the city as most of them will go past major attractions. If you would prefer something at your own pace, then a private tour through the city is something you would be looking for.  

What can families do? 

The Tower of London with its iconic white tower and Crown Jewels, offers families a chance to explore medieval history, see the resident’s ravens and enjoy interactive exhibits and guided tours.  

What should repeat visitors do? 

I would recommend the secrets of the London underground walking tour in Aldwych, one of London’s secret places, holding myths and memories of times gone by. Or perhaps a street art walking tour of Shoreditch, to explore its unique culture, creativity and community.  

Share a hidden gem? 

St Dunstan in the East Church, stunning medieval church located in the heart of the city. Also, a peaceful public garden which creates a serene oasis in the middle of the city streets.  

What is the most typical London thing a visitor can do?  

Head towards the newly-opened restaurant, Wolseley City, where Sunday roast is a must. Enjoy some sirloin of Herefordshire beef, corn-fed chicken or roast celeriac. Afterwards, make your way to the north end of London to enjoy the vibrant, passionate community of all Arsenal supporters, who will be enjoying a fresh pint to celebrate another glorious win.  

What can visitors do when it rains? 

Visit The van Gogh Immersive experience that offers a unique and immersive journey into the life and work of the renowned Dutch artist. 

people looking at the Van Gogh experience
The Van Gogh Experience is perfect for a rainy day.

What’s your dream day in London?

I would start my day with a delicious breakfast at Duck and Waffle, overlooking the city’s skyline and afterwards, take a leisurely stroll through Spitalfields Market, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and browsing through unique stalls. Then I would make my way towards Tower Pier and embark on a relaxing river cruise, allowing me to admire London’s famous landmarks from a different perspective. After feeling hungry again, I would indulge in some of the finest culinary delights the city has to offer in Borough Market. I would finish the day off with a must-visit to a West End show, and I would have to go with one of my favourite shows: Back to the Future!

Share an attraction beyond zone 2 

The beautiful Kew Gardens. Famous botanical gardens in London; home to diverse plant collections and research facilities since 1759. After, make your way towards Richmond Park, known for its grasslands, deer herds and picturesque landscape 

Pan Pacific London Hotel Main Plaza
Pan Pacific London Main Plaza. Photo: Jack Hardy.

Why is your hotel special?  

The hotel offers luxurious accommodations with stylish design and stunning views of the cityscape. Not to mention our infinity swimming pool on the fourth floor, that has sweeping panorama views over Bishopsgate Plaza.   

Have you had any strange or interesting requests?  

Yes, dealing with strange and interesting requests adds an element of excitement in our job. A few months ago, I had a couple with a one-year old baby who requested a photo shoot of them touring London’s iconic landmarks. They wanted the photos to capture their family’s journey through the city, creating lasting memories of their trip. It was a unique request, but I helped arrange for a professional photographer to accompany them and capture beautiful images of their experience exploring London with their little one.    







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