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Engaging with Chinese visitors

With the news that China has officially ended the cap on international flights, there has been a surge in overseas bookings. Engaging with the Chinese visitor both pre-travel and in-destination has never been more important and the Where Chinese Portfolio has been targeting Chinese tourists since 2011.

The Where London Chinese Edition returns in 2023

The Chinese visitor returns

According to inbound data from VisitBritain, in 2019, 883,073 Chinese travellers visited the UK, spending on average £1,937 per visit (with total expenditure of £1.71bn).

Chinese visitors are expected to start arriving in numbers again this year with expected peaks during the May holiday, Dragon Boat festival in June, the summer holidays and Golden Week. And as always we expect the most popular activities for Chinese visitors to be dining, sightseeing and shopping.

The Tourism Media Group is pleased to announce that we will be relaunching our

Where Chinese Portfolio for 2023, consisting of:

  • Where London Magazine Chinese print edition (now in its 15th year). Published May & September.

  • Where London Chinese Hotel Map (July)

  • Redbook and WeChat digital channels

  • Influencer programme of activities

Where London Chinese Hotel Map

“‘The WHERE London Chinese Map is a very useful tool for the growing numbers of Chinese tourists visiting London and helps them make the most of their stay by providing invaluable information in their own language in a high-quality and easy-to-use map format”

Jeremy Abbott. Head of UK & Ireland European Representative Office UnionPay International

To engage with these affluent travellers, pre-visit and in-destination please contact Rob Way at:


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